PS3 Trophies

A Nice Little Girl

Complete your first quest

The Sense of Priorities

Refill the water jug and put it back before going out to play

A Diplomat Captain

Convince Razzo to help you get into the map room on your first try

A Light in the Dark

Discover the secret of Tanner's statue

A Debt of Honour

Repay Captain Castillo the five doubloons he leant you

A Solemn Vow

Make a wish then wait for it to come true

An Evil Presence

Put the two egg shell pieces back together

Save the Briscoe Family

Rescue the Briscoes from their burning house on your first try

Forever United

Help Captain Castillo overcome the loss of his wife

A Blended Family

Find Uncle Eduardo and bring him to Captain Castillo

A Childhood Love

Tell Nell the truth about Bobby then talk to Bobby about Nell

Dexterity and Perseverance

Complete all of the mini-games without cheating

A Tribute to Sunny Blonde

Talk to every character

Everything Comes to an End

Complete the game

This free video game walkthrough is for the Nintendo DS

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